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Mutual Benefit

You would think that booksellers and book writers (as my youngest daughter might say) would have such obvious common cause that it would hardly be worth mentioning, let alone celebrating, when it’s recognised. Where would the one be without the … Continue reading

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Devalued Words

Back in the Spring, flushed with excitement and pumped with adrenalin, I embarked on my second bookshop event. As with the first, it was in an apparently well-heeled market town in Oxfordshire, a leafy idyll stuffed full of history, both … Continue reading

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Adapt or Die? (or How To Sign An eBook)

What started as little more than idle curiosity back in February 2011 became a real interest as my mini-tour of bookshops, talks and festivals progressed round some of the gentler parts of England. Most of the bookshops were Waterstones, but … Continue reading

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The End Of Summer

A wonderful formula emerged for those summer Saturdays under the sign of the big W. Take a comfortable book shop with enthusiastic and attentive staff; insert A Habit Of Dying plus display and author; add a steady flow of readers; … Continue reading

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