The End Of Summer

A wonderful formula emerged for those summer Saturdays under the sign of the big W.

Take a comfortable book shop with enthusiastic and attentive staff; insert A Habit Of Dying plus display and author; add a steady flow of readers; regularly stir in excellent conversation (vary the topics to add flavour – yesterday included education systems, trials of publishing, eReaders pros and cons, eye surgery, Tuscanny and Cockermouth). The result has been a tiring but hugely enjoyable – and never dull – day signing books.

And so it was in Poole, Petersfield and Southampton, just as it had been in High Wycombe, Hereford, Cirencester and Witney during this, my ‘Waterstones Summer’.

An added pleasure on the morning after has often been receiving a fresh invitation to another branch that has already heard about the ‘fantastic signing event yesterday’.

Nothing succeeds like success, eh?

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