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Excess Baggage

Or 6 essentials for the writer on holiday Wondering if you can possibly be without a book or a notepad for even a week? And what about the laptop? What’s the wifi like at your palm-fringed idyll or your remote … Continue reading

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Sometimes events line up in a most surprising way, stretching coincidence to the very limits of credulity. The statisticians will tell us that it’s all pure chance, the probabilities can all be calculated and that one day the lottery draw … Continue reading

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Elixir of Youth

Feeling jaded? Lost the edge? Here’s an old remedy rediscovered. The days tick by and pile up into weeks and months ever more rapidly. Reminders of age and mortality come by more often – pension choices, higher premiums for travel insurance, … Continue reading

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No News is Good News

It’s an old adage that could still be relevant in war or disaster, but in our instant-messaging, over-hyped, 24-hour, socially-networked world, news of survival would probably travel faster than death. Unless you switch off. In the past 6 months or … Continue reading

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Pulling Power

A little research would have told me what was in store, but I savoured the prospect of first hand discovery and was not disappointed. The sign outside the Queens County Fairground announced simply ‘Horse Pull’, which to the uninitiated like me, … Continue reading

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So What’s Wrong With This Country?

The goodwill and bonhomie of the 2012 festivities seem to have worn off pretty quickly in Britain. Not long ago I returned from an extended stay away from the UK – away from all things Royal, Wimbledon and Olympic. More than … Continue reading

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Memory Store

What’s in your attic or mouldering in your basement? Maybe it’s time to find out, time to open the boxes and let the memories out. Simply amazing, the stuff you find in boxes. Not that the stuff was particularly amazing when … Continue reading

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