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Excess Baggage

Or 6 essentials for the writer on holiday Wondering if you can possibly be without a book or a notepad for even a week? And what about the laptop? What’s the wifi like at your palm-fringed idyll or your remote … Continue reading

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Don’t Judge a Book . . .

Surprise, surprise! Don’t judge a book by its cover. It’s an old saying but one that never dates. To be clear from the beginning, this is not a story that I’d have normally chosen. The genre is completely alien to … Continue reading

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Sometimes events line up in a most surprising way, stretching coincidence to the very limits of credulity. The statisticians will tell us that it’s all pure chance, the probabilities can all be calculated and that one day the lottery draw … Continue reading

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Think Again

All too often we stick with our tastes and opinions for no better reason than we never bother to re-consider them. Mother: ‘Why have you left your mushrooms?’ Child: ‘I hate mushrooms!’ Mother: ‘No you don’t, you love mushrooms, we had … Continue reading

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Who’d have thought there were so many definitions of inspiration? Easy to forget (if you ever knew it) that amongst other things it’s the opposite of expiration. And expiration takes us down the road of expire and all the different … Continue reading

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